Reinventing the way we Communicate!

Reinventing communication…One phrase at a time. Environmentally specific, a Smack allows you to say the things you are feeling whether planned or in the moment without consequence of how they will sound or be received if physically spoken. When you Smack it, you convey a FUN, DIRECT and RESPECT centered thought without saying a word. Each phrase is displayed on a 9″ X 6″ sheet of high grade plastic within the environment selected. Feel it…Express it…Smack it! with a single flick your phrase is revealed and someone else has just been Smacked!

Smack Emergency I.D.

As a S.E.I.D. Member your Info will be safely secured in our system to be accessed by Fire Fighters, EMT, Law Enforcement or School Admin ONLY! You will Also be receiving a High Quality poly I.D. with a Secure QR Code on it ONLY CERTIFIED S.E.I.D. Scanners will be able to access.

smack emergency ID

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